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To all of you awesome English students I have the lovely privilege of working with: use this online "classroom" as your resource for all of the happenings that take place in our real classroom together each day. 

Let's be clear here, I hope you know that while I'm your teacher, it's all about Y-O-U! YOU.

Whether it's what you're reading about, writing about, thinking about, or in discussion about, I'm constantly reminded - given the unique ideas you generate with such persistence - of the following:

  • YOU're going to impress the world - here as students, and as participants in the "real world" (society)
  • YOU have the wise, powerful "voices" that others can surely benefit from hearing (especially unhip older folks like me)
  • YOU take care of others, including both people and your surrounding environments (your community, this valley, these mountains, etc.) 
  • YOU have the kind of daring to take action and make "real" changes happen, so that the entire world around us is a "better" - more peaceful and inspiring, happier and safer...you name it -   place for everyone.

So, let's make sure that what YOU do in our class helps you sharpen these assets you come to our classroom equipped with.

I firmly believe, and hope you do too, in the process of exploration and adventure through texts. Using all of these "-ings" through this process, like reading, writing, thinking (questioning and reflecting), and discussing - which are all part of the goings on of your English + Language Arts classes - will only further enhance your lively selves!

Let's see it: show off the evidence of what your minds and spirits are made of in 
Ms. Rosen's, and YOUR, 
English Class.